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DuWop created their range with the thought of "what is missing from your makeup bag?" Their make up and cosmetics add a touch of excitement, innovation and fun to beauty. Their cult product, Lip Venomis used by celebs worldwide for that bee-stung look. Featuring an innovative range of lip glosses, eye shadows, concealers and foundations that provide you with a dewy, beautiful satin finish every time. Duwop don't test any of their cosmetics of animals, giving you an ethically clean, cruelty free experience with your daily dose of beauty.

About DuWop

DuWop was founded in 1999 by Christina Bartoluccia and Laura DeLuisa whilst they ran hair and makeup departments on the sets of film and television productions. This experience with Hollywood beauty made them realise that, despite the large range of cosmetics that were available, there was still some staple cosmetics missing from their collections. In order to fill this void in the market, the two created DuWop, which has been celebrated for it's high-quality ingredients and problem-solving formulas. 

What Is Lip Venom?

DuWop Lip Venom is the world's original lip plumper. With just one application, this innovative product will help to plump your pout and enhance your natural lip colour.

What Is The Story Behind Lip Venom?

Whilst working on the set of the TV series Felicity with Keri Russel, Christina and Laura both admired the appearance of the actress' full and pouty lips after she had taken part in her kissing scenes. This sparked the idea of producing a product that could mimic this look... And voila, the DuWop Lip Venom was created! 

How Does Lip Venom Work?

The DuWop Lip Venom consists of a blend of essential oils. Containing natural ingredients like cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger, this effective product causes blood to rush to the surface of the lips, making them slightly swell. This increased circulation is the key to achieving a full and rosy pout!

How To Use Lip Venom? 

For optimum use, scrub your lips with a toothbrush before applying the product. Not only will this exfoliate your pout, but it will also increase blood circulation before even applying the lip plumper. Once your pout is prepped, add the Lip Venom and your lips will become shiny, rosy and full - an effect that simply cannot be achieved with any ordinary lip gloss!

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