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By Jennifer King Logan | Updated August 12, 2022

When choosing a school that best fits their needs and goals, prospective students may find it helpful to read online college reviews written by former students and graduates. Our partner site,, has collected reviews of more than 2,400 colleges. Students often provide positive feedback about the quality of their online degree programs, including factors like flexible course options, helpful professors, and the cost of tuition. Complaints tend to revolve around student support resources like career counseling, job placement support, and financial aid services.

Based on their feedback and other factors, we've put together a comprehensive list of schools offering online degree programs. We've also provided summaries of some of the best online colleges, plus answers to frequently asked questions.

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The following is a list of all of the online schools that we have reviews for on our partner site, All links will take you directly to the school's page on GradReports.
School Online Enrollment Recommended Reviews
Western Governors University 136,139 71% 737 reviews
Southern New Hampshire University Online 106,375 63% 441 reviews
University of Phoenix 94,038 60% 1147 reviews
Grand Canyon University 75,277 50% 535 reviews
Liberty University 70,429 58% 326 reviews
Strayer University 51,507 59% 215 reviews
Walden University 48,420 51% 683 reviews
University of Maryland Global Campus 46,847 59% 225 reviews
American Public University System 45,249 70% 181 reviews
Arizona State University 44,253 64% 112 reviews
Capella University 37,859 62% 670 reviews
Purdue University Global 37,778 72% 470 reviews
The University of Arizona Global Campus 32,620 67% 684 reviews
Chamberlain College of Nursing 25,295 84% 64 reviews
Excelsior University 25,245 63% 188 reviews
DeVry University 21,321 60% 218 reviews
Columbia Southern University 20,034 78% 189 reviews
Rasmussen University Online 19,588 44% 86 reviews
Post University Online 19,520 40% 108 reviews
Johns Hopkins University 19,138 0% 1 review
The University of Texas at Arlington 18,824 33% 27 reviews
Ultimate Medical Academy 18,023 84% 533 reviews
Full Sail University 16,164 44% 119 reviews
Florida International University 13,671 77% 13 reviews
Saint Leo University Online 12,962 63% 93 reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Reviews

What Factors About an Online Program Are Important to Students?

According to the 2021 Voice of the Online Learner report, online students consistently rank multiple start dates, the selection of fully online majors available, and asynchronous classes among their top priorities. In terms of tuition rates, our sister site's research indicates that online programs tend to cost less than on-campus ones. Reading through even a few dozen college reviews on reveals additional considerations for college students who’ve opted to pursue an online education. The most common include:

  • Interaction with instructors: Just like students of on-campus programs, online students want their instructors to be highly responsive. They also value instructors who demonstrate that they are informed, engaged, and concerned about student success.
  • Interaction with staff: Students enrolled in online degree programs also want school employees in the administration and financial aid departments to be responsive, well-informed, and courteous.
  • Technology help: Problems with the technology that drives online courses can be frustrating and stressful, so online students benefit from an IT team that can resolve issues quickly.
  • Transfer credits: Because so many online students are returning to school after being in the workplace or are military veterans, they appreciate schools that give credit for prior experience. They also want schools to recognize transfer credits from other higher education institutions, such as community colleges, or from AP classes in high school.
  • A flexible schedule: Flexibility is a major benefit of online education, and this factor often distinguishes an online program from an on-campus one. Given that 40% of full-time undergraduate students and 74% of part-time students work while attending college, flexible courses and degree options are often crucial to the completion of a program.

Among the specific complaints about particular online degree programs are some generalized comments about the nature of online education itself. It appears that college students who succeed in distance learning are those who prefer flexibility and independence over structure. A 2019 pre-pandemic study found that individuals who enjoy new experiences and create new ideas reflect the highest degree of satisfaction with online education.

Should I Trust College Reviews by Students?

College reviews, like all product reviews, can be valuable when conducting a school search. Both positive and negative reviews can provide insights into specific online degree programs and online universities. For example, they might highlight which schools’ programs are highly structured and which are extremely flexible. This information can help prospective students make better, more thoughtful decisions about the best online colleges that fit their own needs and preferences. However, college reviews need to be kept in perspective. No individual college review should be given more power or influence than the overall average. It’s also worth noting that's methodology ensures honest and trustworthy reviews written by real students and alumni.

Are Students Happy With Their Online Education?

In early 2021, Wiley Education Services surveyed 3,000 online college students and graduates for the 2021 Voice of the Online Learner report. The data they collected indicates very positive attitudes toward online learning. Among the many interesting findings were the following:

  • Among students and alumni, 45% felt that online learning was equal to on-campus learning, and 20% felt online learning was superior to traditional learning.
  • Given the opportunity to restart their college education, 49% of current students and alumni would definitely choose and 30% would probably choose an online program.
  • When asked how they think employers view the credibility of an online degree, 49% believe employers see no difference between online and traditional degrees, and 15% believe that employers think online programs are better.
  • Regarding outcomes, 42% of online program graduates said the degree led to a salary increase, 38% said it allowed them to start a new career, and 31% said it helped them get a new job.
  • Of students who were attending college prior to the pandemic, half said their forced experience with online learning changed their opinion for the better.

Disclaimer: OnlineU makes student reviews available via our sister site, The views expressed by users do not necessarily reflect the views of OnlineU. OnlineU takes no position with respect to the information or opinions expressed in the user comments/reviews and is not responsible for their content. For additional information, refer to our Review Guidelines.

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